Bluestown Shows For 2014

Jan-      The Warehouse Bar New Albany Indiana

Feb 28/March 1 Jim Porters (Mardi Gra Weekend)

April 18/19 Jim Porters Louisville Ky

May 10 Micks Lounge Jeffersonville

May 23/24 Two big nights back at Jim Porters in Louisville Ky

June 7th Wight Meyer Winery 7/10

July 4/5 Jim Porters Melody Bar Louisville ky

Aug 2, Micks Lounge Jeffersonville 

Aug 8/9 Jim Porters After Summer Blues cool down jam

Sept 13 Andyville Days, Andyville Ky

Sept 19/ 20th Jim Porters

Oct 24/25 Jim Porters

Nov 1 The Shop In Brandenburg

8pm till midnight

Nov 28/29 Jim Porters

Last Min-date for Bluestown

Fri Dec 19 2014 open for Samantha Fish at Jim Porters

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