Tore Me Up Mix.mp3

The Man I am Today Mix.mp3

Surfers Last Ride mix.mp3

If I only could mix.mp3

Here you come again mix.mp3

Twenty Puffs mix.mp3

Gina Rock Mix.mp3

Love back guarentee mix.mp3

what an old man knows.mp3

Sinful Guitar Mix.mp3

Karlee Mix.mp3

As Long as its Real Mix.mp3

This is the album called "Three Chord Rock N Roll"  recorded 2013: All songs written by Gary Higdon and copyright by Gary Higdon

All 6 String guitars played by Gary Higdon,Lead vocals Gary Higdon, Bass Guitars Jack Paris, Gary Higdon Bass guitar on Surfers Last Ride,

Jack Paris Backing Vocal and the three person Chorus on As Long as it's Real, Jack Paris, on Keyboards, String arrangements,Mixed by Gary Higdon.

Produced by Gary Higdon and Jack Paris

Special thanks to Jack Paris, I could not have done this with out you'r help.

If you want a physical copy email me at and paypal me $10.00 for a two CD set second CD is full of outakes and odd mixes, this will cover shipping. Paypal email is

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