Three Chord Rock

Bluestowns First Show for 2013

Jim Porters Feb1/2 that whole weekend
Solo Gigs Sids Pub Jan 19 2013

March-15/16 Back at Jim Porters

March 29 Friday Opening for Jake and Elwood

The Blues Brothers at Porters

April 19/20 Jim Porters

May 2 Match Lounge outside

May 11th Brookshill Winery

May 24/25 Jim Porters Melody Bar

July 5/6 Jim Porters
July 17  LimeStone Bay 5801 River Road 6/10

July 19 Limestone Bay 5801 again? yes again 6/10

Aug 16/17 Jim Porters (last shows as Bluestown)

Aug 30th Solo Acoustic show @ Jim Porters  7:00-7:45pm

Oct 5 Brookshill Winery(Acoustic  show)

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