Song List
 1.Ice Cream Man--A
 2.Lets work together-G
 3.Mercury Blues-D
 4.Power Play-F
 5.Light my fire-Am
 6.Little Red Riddin hood-Em(g)
 7.Love potion #9 Am
 8.Failed Christian-Am
10.Me and Billy The Kid-G
11.Beat Goes On-E
12.Momma Told Me not to Come-D
13.Rock Me Baby--C and A
15.Stop Breakin Down -A-
16.Kind Hearted Woman.E
18.Snow Blind Friend-A
19.Gonna Buy Me a dog--E
20.Happy Together--E
21.Early In The Morning--G
22.Lie To Me--G
23.Long Haired Country Boy-G
24.The Twist--G
26.Locomotive Breath-E
27.Memphis in The Meantime-E
28.Hey Joe-E
29.House Of The Risin Sun Am
30.Hello Walls, D
31.Sing Me Back Home-A
32.Detroit City--E
33.You Got Me Runnin--E
34.One after 909--A
35.Goin To Mexico--A
36.Im a Bluesman--Am
38.Tore Me Up--A
39.Gina Rocks.--A
40.Sinful Guitar-Bm
41.20 Puffs--Bm
42.Cool As Al Pacino D
43.Here You Come again--E
44.She Turned Me on--D
45.What an Old man Knows--E
46.The Man I am Today--E
48.Really Mine--Bm
49.If I only Could--Bm
50.UnHealthy Crush--D
 More Covers
51.Dont Mess around With Jim--E
52.Roller Derby Queen--E
53.Hard Livin--E
54.I'm a Beliver --E
55.Chitlins Con Carney--C

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